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Tried This B. Milpitas, CA

Alright- I'll be honest, I like taking long showers. And who the heck says two showers a day are excessive when you sweat like I do. So naturally, the water restrictions in the drought meant showers or flowers. Obviously, you know what I chose.

But I hated every alternative option I saw- why even have anything if it meant having something that ugly. But Apollo (sidebar: that name tho!) let me determine how I wanted my yard to look, straight from functional to aesthetic. The best part is what he did in terms of running with my concern for a little privacy (I didn't want a fence in the front). No picture does it justice! I have the funkiest plants on the block, and they look lush, they move with the wind, they have a personality of their own and I don't really want plain old grass and shrubs ever again aka #BasicBushes And I'll be honest- I could have chosen some other gardner that costs less or whatever, but I have immense respect for people who work hard, run a small business and hear me out. Otherwise it's like sitting in a barber's chair and the barber starts cutting your hair, and you haven't even told him what you want 0.0

I am glad we are finally gonna get some rain with El Niño, but this last year was pretty rough. And I don't think that change would have been easy for me, unless it was for these guys and their "healing" powers (get it?? Apollo the God of healing, sun and light?? Get it? :D) Thanks for making my yard look fabulous guys!

Lilia S. San Jose, CA

Highly recommended. I had Pro Landscaping to install a new irrigation system. And since we are in a drought Apolo the owner went above and beyond and recommend me drought tolerance plants, my garden looks beautiful and and the best of it is that the new irrigation system is saving me $$$$ on my water bill.

F S. San Jose, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Apolo and his crew. I used Pro Landscaping to redesign our front and backyard and I'm very pleased with the results.

Apolo provided a reasonable quote and were efficient with the time. He helped me select materials and plants and executed with an eye for details.

I would definitely recommend Pro Landscaping for any landscaping project.

Joann M. Morgan Hill, CA

If you are struggling with who to choose, I suggest Apolo and Pro-Landscaping. He listens, his team is very respectful of you and your family. Each day the work was cleaned well. I had to wait longer than we planned to start the work and it took longer than anticipated, but the work was done well. If your goal is a great job and someone you can work with - Call Apolo.

Chris K. Sunnyvale, CA

Apolo did a good job with a small section of fence. Also removed a tree and pruned a few trees in the yard. Very good communication about the plan before work started.

Linda H. Santa Clara, CA

I have been extremely pleased with Apolo at The Pro Landscaping. It was clear during the initial meeting that he really understood his work - plants, landscaping, drip and sprinkler systems. I don't have a green thumb at all and he was able to suggest low maintenance plants and a design that would upgrade our sorely old looking front yard. He was able to meet my very limited deadline by working multiple days in the evenings! And the best part about working with him was the ongoing and responsive communication. We were able to keep in contact via email and text regularly which was super important to me. I would highly recommend Apolo!

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